Environmental and abatement equipment

Jug-and-flare systems

Flare plant — is a complex of equipment and devises meant for burning of combustible gases and vapours of various industrial waste products — emergency waste, constant or occasional ones, which is a modern environmental protecting system and allows oil–and-gas processing factories to work more effectively and safely.

Jug-and-flare system

Treatment plants

Designing, manufacturing of equipment and building of plants for wastewater treatment from oil, chemical and petrochemical industry and also for waste treatment from other industries.

In this field the company performs following projects: — technical observation of water-supplying and water-disposal plants;
— complex design of water-supplying and water-disposal plants;
— developing of technologies for natural water and waste water treatment;
— designing and supplying of a full range of equipment for water processing and treatment;
— construction and assembly works, supervising of the installation works, adjustment of the equipment;
— complex and phased modernization(renovation) of treatment plants.

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