Group of companies “VM” offers complex design of equipment for oil-and-gas and chemical industry.

Creating new equipment or modifying the serial one starts at company’s the engineering design centre. Design-engineers define performance and durability characteristics of the future machine, produce its model and establish its working principles. Equipment modelling is carried out with the help of computer graphics and, also, in a sequence that allows to minimize expenditures, provides the safety of operating the object in the future.

Project designing implies a wide spectre of tasks (starting from the concept development and drawings, to a budget formation), which involve various specialists, such as architects, technologists, engineers, accountants.

At the designing stage, we calculate loads, make architectural, constructional and engineering decisions, depending on the purpose of the future equipment. We perform designing in a strict accordance with current technical standards and demands.

The designing is carried out through preparation of design documentation of capital construction objects and their parts being built and reconstructed within the boundaries of the customer's land plot, as well as in cases of major repairs of capital construction objects, if it involves the structural and other characteristics of reliability and safety of such objects.